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Three of the best bird watching experiences on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

If you're looking for the best opportunities for bird watching in Maryland, you may have heard about birding on the Eastern Shore. Bird watching is a fun pastime that can anyone can partake in, and can be just for fun, or a way to keep a birding bucket list of species you have encountered. Either way, with 442 species of birds to be spotted in Maryland, the Eastern Shore is a great place to break out the binoculars, head out into nature and look and listen for our feathered friends.

Bird watchers in Snow Hill

Where to find the best birding on the Eastern Shore

You don’t have to start your Eastern Shore birding journey blindly; We have compiled 3 of the top birding destinations on the Eastern Shore, each with a different 'flare' that will make your bird watching experience diverse, adventurous and enjoyable.


Assateague Island National Seashore

Assateague Island is home to both a Maryland State Park and a National Park both famous for the island's roaming wild ponies. But this beautiful stretch of natural seashore located on an Atlantic Ocean barrier island is also a destination for many species of water birds and is a well known spot for great birding.

According to the Audubon society, the spring and summer weather brings in Brown Pelicans, wading birds, Osprey and Clapper Rail as well as Piping Plover and other shore birds. And if you enjoy your birding experience in the spring, come back in fall for migration in late September to find shrubs alive with warblers and other song birds.

Look out for the Life of Marsh boardwalk nature trail, off of the Bayside Peninsula. Here you will have access points to scan the bay as well as surrounding dunes. Just a little further and you will hit Life of the Forest trail for more densely wooded areas that feel isolated and tranquil, a perfect area for birding enthusiasts to escape and get lost for a while.

Pocomoke River Kayak Trip

If floating effortlessly down the scenic Pocomoke river while taking in tasking in world class forest interior dwelling species (FIDS) in their natural habitat sounds like fun, then this part of the guide will be perfect for you. The Pocomoke River Canoe Company will take you to Porter's Crossing, where the put-in point is surrounded by bald cypress. On your float down the river you might take in a blue heron fishing while the songbirds like Prothonotary Warblers, Northern Parulas, American Redstarts and Yellow throated Vireos light up the air with song.

A bonus of this river trip are the fish, turtles and other nature that you may run into on your journey. And while quietly floating down the Pocomoke, you'll easily see birds and nature without disturbing their natural behavior.

Scenic Snow Hill

If you've spent a day Kayaking the Pocomoke, you just may have ended up in the beautiful small town of Snow Hill. Delmarva Birding knows that there are few places in Maryland that offer better year-round birding! Whether you are listening for the sounds of spring songbirds or looking for the majestic soaring bald American Eagle, you are in the right place. April through May many species begin nesting.

Byrd Park offers access to views of the Pocomoke river and expansive wetlands. From the shore of the Pocomoke in Byrd Park, you can see nesting geese in the spring on Goat Island, so named for the 2 resident goats that keep the geese company. The dark water of the Pocomoke river, the deepest river for its width in the world, reflects the trees and sky as you look and listen for the next species on your list, or just relax and soak in the peaceful scene.

You can also take in a lot of the song bird species, as well as hummingbirds, Baltimore Orioles, Purple Martins and more in the natural setting surrounding Historic Chanceford Hall Bed & Breakfast. With large old black walnut trees, bamboo, crepe myrtle and magnolia trees surrounding the grounds, there are always sounds and sights of nature to take in.

Visit and see for yourself!

If you've started to picture yourself in these settings birdwatching in Maryland's natural outdoors, start planning your trip today. We would love to welcome you to be our guest at Chanceford Hall Bed & Breakfast. Top off the natural beauty of the nearby birding sites mentioned above with extravagant multi course breakfast served on fine china and crystal stemware to start your day. When you come back after your adventure, enjoy a cocktail served in the Parlor or a fire in the evening. Whatever your preference we work to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. If you happen to snap any great pictures of birds, please share them with us!

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